Authors need photographs for many different reasons. Perhaps you want to update your social media profile pictures to reflect the publication of your new or forthcoming book. Or do you want photographs of yourself or of locations used in your book that are suitable for use on your website or your publisher's website? Or for your Amazon author's page? Or for an advance information sheet or other forms of publicity?

We can arrange a photo shoot and provide head shots, full length photographs or location photography to authors living in central Scotland, or further afield by arrangement.

Exact pricing is tailored to each individual request, so do send us an email with your requirements. As a guide, prices are from £75 for digital headshots, which includes the shoot, plus three images selected from a larger collection posted on a personalised online gallery. Additional images can be purchased separately.

Example 1:

Photo of Ken Lussey

Ken Lussey is the author of four thrillers set largely in Scotland during World War Two. As each has been published he has needed updated photographs for publicity and social media featuring the latest in the series. The most recent photographs we took of Ken show him with his latest novel, 'The Stockholm Run'; and with all four of his WW2 thrillers.

Photo of Ken Lussey

Finding a location that didn't involve a trip for both Ken and the photographer to some far-flung corner of Scotland (or to Stockholm) took a little thought. After discussion we settled on the RAF Grangemouth memorial in Grangemouth. The Spitfire provided a suitable background and the (long gone) airfield the memorial commemorates was one that one of the central characters in Ken's series briefly flew from at the beginning of World War Two.

Example 2:

Photo of Carolyn Henry

Carolyn Henry's superb book of 'Kirkliston COVID-19 Isolation Portraits' grew out of the pandemic and proved highly successful in Kirkliston and more widely. She says of it: 'Back when I offered doorstep portraits during lockdown I did it as a way to improve my own mental health and to keep my camera in hand as all work dried up. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to include so many households, to form new friendships, to publish a book...let alone that I'd help raise over £3,000 for the Edinburgh & Lothians Health Foundation COVID-19 appeal.'

These photographs were taken on 10 September 2020, when Carolyn oversaw the installation of an exhibition of photographs from 'Kirkliston COVID-19 Isolation Portraits' at St John's Hospital in Livingston.

Photo of Carolyn Henry

Example 3:

Photo of Ken Lussey

'The House With 46 Chimneys' was Ken Lussey's first novel for a younger audience. It is set in April 2020, during the early days of the coronavirus lockdown and was written during the lockdown with help - by text exchanges - from his grandson Alistair. It features a two-century-old family mystery and the haunting of the ruins of Dunmore Park, 'The House With 46 Chimneys'.

We had photographed the ruins of Dunmore Park for the backgrounds for the cover design. We returned to the 'The House With 46 Chimneys' with Ken and Alistair to take the publicity photographs for the book.

Photo of Ken and Alistair

Example 4:

Photo of Vanessa Photo of Vanessa

Vanessa is a translator who needed headshots of herself for publicity and social media. These images show - literally - contrasting shots in both colour and monochrome.

Example 5:

Photo of Dunmore Park

On an earlier location visit to the ruins of Dunmore Park we took photographs that were later used as the basis for the cover of 'The House With 46 Chimneys'.

Here we see an original colour image with, below it, a fairly heavily processed version of the same photograph. A slice of this became the background for the book's rear cover.