Copy Editing, Typesetting and Proofreading

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When your manuscript is finally complete that's only the first step towards it becoming a finished book: and that is equally true for both eBooks and printed volumes.

Though you may have edited your manuscript numerous times and rewritten large chunks of it, your book could still benefit from copy editing and proofreading. The more you read something the more you are likely to miss small errors and an author is often the person least able to spot errors as you know intimately what your book is meant to say.

By handing your work to someone familiar with the copy editing and proofreading processes who will view it with new eyes, you can be confident that the end result will be polished and ready for formatting into an eBook or printable volume. offers copy editing, typesetting and proofreading services, either as separate services or as a package. We also offer eBook and print packages. Drop us an email to discuss your individual requirements.

Copy Editing

The purpose of having someone copy edit your novel is to ensure that it ends up in the correct style and format that is acceptable to a publisher. By this stage you should be happy with the book’s structure and have arrived at the point where you don’t want to add any more content, cut any out, or move passages of text around. It’s only once you can say yes to your work being 'finished' that you are ready to hand it over to a copy editor.

Whilst the role of a copy editor might mean hunting down typos and spelling mistakes and correcting issues with grammar, it will also involve suggested edits to improve readability and accuracy of the work. But that doesn't mean that what you want to say as an author, or your personal writing style, will gets lost. Copy editing is a sympathetic process to ensure that your manuscript ends up being the very best it can be.

As a guide, our copy editing costs are between £17.50 and £25 per 1000 words.


Once copy editing is complete, your work will need to be typeset in readiness for printing. This is a separate process which turns your work into a format that can be printed or made available as an eBook.

We offer typesetting as part of our eBook and Print packages, or as a separate, standalone service.


The proofreading stage with any book is the final stage before it goes to print.

Proofreading once the book is typeset ensures that any errors that the copy editor has missed, or any mistakes introduced in the formatting process, are removed.

The proofreader will check for any text that is misaligned, for any spaces that have crept in between words but were missed at an earlier stage, for any paragraphing errors which have become obvious once the work has been formatted, that the chapter headings and pages are correctly numbered and for any typos that have slipped through the net up to this point.

As a guide, our proofreading costs are between £12.50 and £15 per 1000 words.