Cover Design

If your eBook is ready to publish but needs a front cover for its debut on Kindle or elsewhere, we can design that for you.

If you want to print physical books we can design front and back covers for you, including a spine width of appropriate size to the length of your finished, formatted and ready for print work. We offer photographic and graphic designs to suit your preferences and the subject matter of your publication.

Exact pricing is tailored to each individual request, so do send us an email with your requirements. As a guide, a front cover design costs from £250 and a rear and spine from £125, making a complete coverspan from £375. cover design

'The Stockholm Run' is a fast-paced thriller set largely in Edinburgh and Stockholm during World War Two. The cover we developed took as its background a contemporary map of Stockholm. We laid over this a Walther PPK, the pistol used by one of the central characters, and contemporary mememtos of Stockholm's Grand Hotel, an important location in the book. cover design

Carolyn Henry's superb book of 'Kirkliston COVID-19 Isolation Portraits' grew out of the pandemic and proved highly successful in Kirkliston and more widely, culminating in an exhibition at St John's Hospital in Livingston. The cover uses as a background a photograph Carolyn took of a chalk-decorated wooden fence in Kirkliston. cover design

'The House With 46 Chimneys' is a book for younger readers set in central Scotland in April 2020, during the early days of the coronavirus lockdown. At the core of the book is a two-century-old family mystery involving the haunting of the nearby ruins of Dunmore Park, 'The House With 46 Chimneys'. The front cover design uses an image of four of Dunmore Park's 46 chimneys while the rear cover uses another part of the ruined house, presented in a suitably atmospheric way.